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Privacy Notice

What information we collect?
If you register on our site, place an order fill our Newsletter participate or form, we collect information.

Ordered or received on our website, then you may be able to request your name, email address, postal address or telephone number. But you may still be able to visit our site anonymously.

We use the information.
All information collected, you can use one of the following ways:

• Carnival
(This information helps us to better respond to individual needs)

• Reform our website
(We always strive for progress, based on the information that we received our website and your products COMMENTS)

• Customer service improvement
(This information helps us to more service requests and support needs)

• transaction processing
Without your consent, or public and private information, for whatever reason, not for sale, exchange or transfer to another company, or the supply of goods or services for a particular purpose.

• Sports management, promotions, surveys or other websites

• If the email

E-mail address will be used for order processing, will only be used to update and send your order.

Note. If you want to receive the email in the future, we will be detailed guidance for each starting address below.

We do not have all the information to third parties. We do not sell foreign affairs, trade or transfer your personal information. This will help us to use our website, corporate and trust services, to the cover of this information confidential until the parties maintain. We have information available, we believe that compliance with the law, enforce our site, or other self or rights, protection of property or the safety of disclosure required. However, the audience for marketing, advertising and other information to identify targets, and other groups.

Do you agree?
You use our site agree to our privacy policy.

To change our privacy policy
If we decide that our privacy policy changes, we need to update our customers about the change by email and website.