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Shipping & Returns

Transportation issues
1. transport insurance?
Safety and security of its products from high international insurance provider to the international mail process. It has been reported lost or destroyed unless the package immediately charges additional fees.

2. Where is my order?
1. Time = working time + shipping time
Treatment: Usually 3-5 days

By submitting your order, you need to prepare your products, quality control and carefully packaged test data. We need to prepare your equipment, the delivery time is different from the time of delivery. I hope you can understand.

More purchase orders after 3-5 business days. The transfer times may vary depending on the type of goods. Orders are not delivered on weekends or holidays.

3. Where is the confirmation of my order?
Before ordering, you will receive a confirmation by email has been your purchase. For some reason you do not receive an email, check the spam folder and add our email address to the list of trusted senders. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at any convenient time.

4. Do I have to pay taxes and international fees?
There are always additional expense customers. However, if selected, you will be fully responsible. The order is applicable import duty and may be subject to import tax goods arriving in your country. This is just a general rule, you should contact your staffing department and percentage. We are not responsible for and can not control the charge / tax. It shall be responsible for payment of additional customs duties. Customized policies vary. For more information, contact your local office. Note that in rare cases, it may lead to a delay in the release of the custom software package agent.

5. Traffic control
When ordering, be sure to use your bank and contact details include the billing address. If you do not exactly match a message with your credit history, you may need to take the place to confirm the request. You may need to contact us directly. Address of specified delivery information, zip code, city and country sure is right. If you immediately follow the service under control, there is a record that we can contact you to update your request can be delayed for that information.

6. Are you assigned to PO Box (input / FPO / DPO)?
Usually, they do not support this service. But now, it can be shipped by standard shipping to PO Box and military addresses (including, FPO).

So the last shipment, more accurate and detailed and provide your phone number. Your support will be greatly appreciated. If you can not connect or the delivery must collect the parcel. If the delivery is the result of the error and do not return the equipment, may be responsible for sending the customer will return the cost.

7. Followed
Monitoring your package. After completing the order, online tracking number and email confirmation link will be sent to you. Send your check within 48 hours after receiving the monitoring.

You can also sign in to your account to track your order.

Once we receive the confirmation for this we propose to add to your email list. If you have not yet received a three-day response, be sure to check your spam folder / your junk.

If you have questions about shipping the order have any questions, do not hesitate, and the United States.

8. I get a wrong or damaged items.
If you do a projects and error programs, or have encountered your failures, we now know from our customer service. Please include questions related to commanding and designing photos, provide detailed information, you can find a decent way to fix it.

9. I have no part of the order.
However, the various projects that do not change frequently, all items requested at the same time, it will come as a separate item. This is an email, and said if the item is shipped separately. So first check your inbox if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you choose to express an emergency
We're happy to provide messaging services. However, before selecting this option, you should consider an additional cost. Goods arrive at their destination, they will be charged customs or import